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Let's Voltron is the Official Voltron Podcast, bringing you exclusive news on Voltron episodes, merchandise, Events, Interviews and more.

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    Rhys Darby (Coran) Interview

    In this podcast, we are proud to welcome the voice of Coran in Voltron Legendary Defender, Rhys Darby! Rhys is a man of many talents, and we talk about some of the things he is doing, other than playing Coran on Voltron Legendary Defender, and of course, we have lots of questions sent to us from Voltron fans around the world, that Rhys answers for you!

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    Voltron Fan Cosplay Artist Banahyde & A Little Adventure Review

    Banahyde (aka lion builder) joins Marc and Greg as the Voltron Fan Cosplay Artist Spotlight, and sticks around as we review the 1st episode from Season 7 of Voltron Legendary Defender: A Little Adventure. We also announce the winner of the Voltron SDCC Prize Pack and take a trip back in time with our RetroVoltron segment.

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    One-On-One with Josh Keaton

    Josh Keaton, who plays Shiro on Voltron Legendary Defender, and is an amazing actor, returns to the podcast for a unique one-on-one interview. Find out where Josh will be making his next Con appearance, what he thinks about Shiro's development through the end of Season 7, and whether there will be a sequel to his hit YouTube Music Video, "You're Welcome". Also, our RetroVoltron segment is all about Commander Hawkins, the OG equivalent of Captain Shiro.

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    LEGO Ideas Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag

    We're excited to bring LEGO Ideas Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag back to the podcast to celebrate the official release and the Asian tour commemorating LEGO Ideas Voltron set #21311. Lendy has been signing LEGO Ideas Voltron boxes, posters, and more, and meeting Voltron fans in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines.

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    Voltron at SDCC 2018

    This podcast is our COMPLETE coverage of Voltron at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2018. Marc shares everything that happened at SDCC with Greg, who is hearing it for the first time, including interviews with Bex Taylor-Klaus, Jeremy Shada, Rhys Darby, Josh Hamilton, Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Kyle Anderson. Also, we cover the Voltron panel, signings, SDCC exclusives, and we are excited to announce the winner of the Voltron Season 6 Prize Pack, and introduce a new SDCC Voltron Prize Pack and how to enter to win it!

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    LEGO Ideas Voltron SDCC Exclusive Interviews

    Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast was invited by LEGO Ideas to join them at the LEGO Booth at SDCC to interview the team that designed the LEGO Ideas Voltron, which was a signed SDCC Exclusive being offered each day at San Diego Comic-Con. Marc interviewed LEGO Designer Niek van Slagmaat, LEGO Creative Lead Sam Johnson, and LEGO Marketing Manager Darryl Kelley.

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    Omega Shield Review

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg do a FULL review of Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6: Episode 1: Omega Shield. Also, Marc covers 3 alternative ways to listen to Let's Voltron Podcast on Google Play Music, Amazon Alexa and ListenNotes.com - plus in our Retro Voltron segment, what is the Omega Comet?

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    Kimberly Brooks, AJ LoCascio & Josh Keaton Interview

    Together! At the same time, for the first time! We talk to Kimberly Brooks (Allura), AJ LoCascio (Lotor) and Josh Keaton (Shiro) about Season 6 and everything else. And if that isn't enough, we share some emails from listeners and preview 2 SDCC exclusives for Voltron fans.

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