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Let's Voltron is the Official Voltron Podcast, bringing you exclusive news on Voltron episodes, merchandise, Events, Interviews and more.

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    The Ruins and The Journey Within Review with Coley and Zachary

    On this podcast, we are joined by Coley (@theroleycoley, ColeyDoesThings on YouTube) and Zachary (@Zacshi130) to review episodes 5 & 6 from Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix: The Ruins and The Journey Within. Stay tuned in until the end to hear some important Voltron News, how to save money on Voltron gear, and our Retro Voltron segment!

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    RetroCon Interviews with BJ Ward and Garry Chalk

    Marc and Greg were actually TOGETHER at RetroCon 2018, for only the 3rd time ever! And what an occasion for the hosts of Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast to combine like Voltron! We are honored to have RetroCon interviews and panel coverage with BJ Ward (Allura and Haggar - Voltron: DOTU and Voltron: The Third Dimension) and Garry Chalk (Sky Marshall Wade and Manset - Voltron Force)!

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    Voltron at NYCC 2018 Recap

    Let's Voltron Podcast was all over New York Comic Con, covering the Voltron Panel Pre-Show, the DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Panel at the Hammerstein Ballroom, the Fandom Feud that pitted Voltron cast and crew against the fans in Voltron trivia, the Mitch Iverson signing, and good times with Voltron friends and fellow fans! We welcome Dani and Tara to talk to us about their thoughts of everything Voltron at NYCC 2018!

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    Rob McIntyre & Marc Schmidt (Voltron Legendary Defender Sound Designers) Interview

    Voltron Legendary Defender Lead Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor Rob McIntyre and Sound Designer Marc Schmidt tell us everything we've been dying to know about how sound was added to the dialogue and animation on Voltron Legendary Defender. You even get a chance to hear some samples from the show, without music or dialogue! Also, listen carefully for a special announcement from BJ Ward, the original voice of Allura and Haggar! You don't want to miss this podcast!

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    Neil Kaplan and The Feud Review

    Neil Kaplan (Emperor Zarkon, It's Earth Shopkeeper) joins Marc and Greg for a review of The Feud, the 4th episode from Season 7 of Voltron Legendary Defender. Neil Kaplan has been on the podcast several times, so this time he surprises Marc and Greg with some questions of his own from Voltron fans on social media. In our Retro Voltron segment, we have a special announcement that fans of the original Voltron will love!

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    The Road Home & The Way Forward Review with Zilla and Hazel

    Zilla and Hazel join Marc and Greg to review the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Voltron Legendary Defender from Season7, The Road Home and The Way Forward. And, in our Retro Voltron segment, Greg shares Twin Trouble's Zora and Roza, the nieces of Lotor from the Voltron Force Viz Media Comic from 2012.

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    Rhys Darby (Coran) Interview

    In this podcast, we are proud to welcome the voice of Coran in Voltron Legendary Defender, Rhys Darby! Rhys is a man of many talents, and we talk about some of the things he is doing, other than playing Coran on Voltron Legendary Defender, and of course, we have lots of questions sent to us from Voltron fans around the world, that Rhys answers for you!

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    Voltron Fan Cosplay Artist Banahyde & A Little Adventure Review

    Banahyde (aka lion builder) joins Marc and Greg as the Voltron Fan Cosplay Artist Spotlight, and sticks around as we review the 1st episode from Season 7 of Voltron Legendary Defender: A Little Adventure. We also announce the winner of the Voltron SDCC Prize Pack and take a trip back in time with our RetroVoltron segment.

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    One-On-One with Josh Keaton

    Josh Keaton, who plays Shiro on Voltron Legendary Defender, and is an amazing actor, returns to the podcast for a unique one-on-one interview. Find out where Josh will be making his next Con appearance, what he thinks about Shiro's development through the end of Season 7, and whether there will be a sequel to his hit YouTube Music Video, "You're Welcome". Also, our RetroVoltron segment is all about Commander Hawkins, the OG equivalent of Captain Shiro.

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    LEGO Ideas Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag

    We're excited to bring LEGO Ideas Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag back to the podcast to celebrate the official release and the Asian tour commemorating LEGO Ideas Voltron set #21311. Lendy has been signing LEGO Ideas Voltron boxes, posters, and more, and meeting Voltron fans in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines.

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